Black Indigneous Harm Reduction Alliance

Hi fam.

First, I want to start by saying thanks to all the folks in community who have supported the Indigenous Women and Two-Spirit Harm Reduction over that past few years. Molly Swain and I started IW2SHRC out of love for each other, our kin, and what we saw as our responsibilities to kinship, our responsibility to help all our peoples live miyopimatisowin (the good life). Our work has evolved greatly over the years, and so too has our relationship to harm reduction. Recently Smasha Simmons joined the collective. Throughout our conversations with Robyn Maynard, a friend, community member, and organizer who we respect and trust deeply, we began to consider the importance of Black and Indigenous harm reduction alliances on Turtle Island, and the need to create harm reduction responses adequate for our own communities. What is Black harm reduction? What is Indigenous harm reduction? Why are these kinships important? Why do we need self-determined responses to HIV and Hepatitis C within our communities? Further, in developing harm reduction approaches that meet our communities where they are at, how must we necessarily expand our understandings of harm reduction to include environmental violence, like the criminalization of youth, sex workers, street involved peoples, and LGBTQ peoples within our communities? These are questions that the Black Indigenous Harm Reduction Alliance hopes to interrogate in our work. Thus, I’m excited to announce that IW2SHRC is no more. What is left of it has evolved into the Black Indigenous Harm Reduction Alliance. I’m excited to work closely with Robyn and Sasha to expand on this work. Thank you for your continued support.


Lindsay Nixon


Decolonization 101

The Indigneous women and Two-Spirit Harm Reduction Alliance is proud to finally launch it’s first zine, Decolonization 101!

In 2014 IW2SHRC received financial support from the McGill Rez Project, under the direction of Emily Yee Clare, to create a decolonizing resource which would be easily accessible and understandable. IW2SHRC’s Decolonization 101 is the result of that collaboration. A special thanks to Otto Vicé and Jaime Maclean for formatting the zine.

Full download : Decolonization 101.